Hello. I'm Kasuro Naoki, one of the four members of GHOUL. I am 18 years old, and I go to Yumenosaki Private School in class 3-B. My pronouns are she and her, but masculine adjectives and anything else are fine. I am not nearly as energetic and self-centered as Masashi-kun, so I apologize for not sounding as excited as him. I am the tallest member of GHOUL, being 5'11", and I weigh 137 lbs along with being blood type O. My birthday is October 12th. I am right-handed and share a dorm with Hinata-kun, Hiiro-kun and Niki-san. I am also in the Library Committee and the circle BB. A dish I particularly enjoy is okonomiyaki.

I am the second in command after Reiko, and I work on writing the lyrics for our songs. Please, come to our next lives and DreFes and support us!

Rock on!