Fufu... hello, and welcome, to my page. My name, is Reiko Taichi, and I am the, leader of GHOUL. I am 18, years old, and I go to Yumenosaki, Private School, class 3-A. I do not have, any 'preferred pronouns', as I am just Reiko... gender, is not an important, part of me, fufu. My birthday, is December 20th in case, any of my beloved, fans did not know ♪ I am, 5'9", 135 lbs, right-handed, and my, blood type is A I share a, dorm with Mayoi-san and, Tomoya-kun, and they are spectacular roommates. Although, I wish that Mayoi-san, would try to, interact more, fufufu... ♪ But, aside from that, I am a part of, Niki's Kitchen and the Karate Club, and my favorite, food is simply ramen.

Being the leader, of GHOUL, I am the primary one in, charge of our unit. I work with our, producer to, sort out our lovely outfits, so please, thank her for our wonderful, lives ♪ Please come support, us at our next lives and DreFes!